‘Even in economic crisis, we turn to beauty. Statistics consistently show that during times of recession and austerity, the sales of lipstick go up, due to the instant feel-good factor of buying and wearing a nice lippy.’ 
Sali Hughes, Pretty Honest. 
Our beauty routines are important to us. Our favourite pieces of make up are comforting and familiar and they have an amazing superpower – they make us feel good. 
Getting up and washing your face, applying products that we know make our skin look and feel good is a pre-requisite of any morning, whether getting ready for work or staying at home. 
Slicking on a beautiful vibrant lipstick, ready for a night out transforms us into a more seductive, more confident version of our selves. 
Relaxing into a warm, scented bubble bath is a well-earned indulgence at the end of a hard day. 
All of these rituals are acts of self-love and self-care. 
In times of financial difficulty, divorce, illness or grief; a manicure, facial or brow treatment might be the only bit of ‘me time’ that we get. The only bit of respite carefully carved out of a busy calendar. 
In these times of uncertainty, when everyone seems to be talking about saving money – one could be misunderstood as being selfish to continue to indulge in ‘non-essential’ treatments – but I would argue the contrary. It is exactly at this point that we need our beauticians and hairdressers more ever before. 
You may feel sad, tired or just out of sorts, but there is no need to look like that – and those trusted beauty products, make up and the services of the beauty industry at large mean that we can at least look our best, which helps us to get on with life and feel strong enough to take on the day. 
A great deal of comfort can be found in keeping regular appointments, seeing the same friendly faces and being welcomed into the salon for a new set of nails, a new look, or a facial that makes you glow for days afterwards. 
It is not just our appearance that is enhanced by visits to our favourite clinic or salon, but our self esteem and more so – our well-being. Anyone who dismisses this as nonsense doesn’t understand the fact that while beauty may only be skin deep – its effects are far more heart felt than that. 
Whether a ‘tweakment’, or a full-on transformation, we should keep our appointments at the salon and clinic because they are an investment in us, in many more ways than just how we look. They will help us to endure and see us through this recession and through to the other side of it. 
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