Copy or content? Both are essential in marketing, they are both forms of writing that are beneficial to your business – but what’s the difference? 
Let’s break it down. 
Copy – is the type of writing that might feature in a targeted email newsletter, or on a website sales page.  
Here are some of the features of Copy: 
Copy has a clear purpose, e.g. to sell a product or service 
Copy presents an offer – limited time only, special bundle, etc. 
Copy is a monologue, it is one directional – like a pitch 
Copy is written to keep the audience reading 
Copy is linear, strategic, and intentional. 
Copy ends with a clear call to action – to buy or to opt in. 
The goal of copy is to increase your businesses conversion rate (from browsing to buying) and therefore increase your revenue. 
Content – is the type of content that might appear on social media, in a sponsored advertisement or blog post.  
Here are some of the features of Content: 
Content is designed to engage an audience and start a conversation 
Content builds a relationship between the brand and the customer 
friendly and conversational in tone 
Content is written to be ‘liked’ and shared via email and social media 
Content presents new information to the audience and adds value 
Content is also known as indigenous advertising 
The goal of content writing is to build trust and loyalty between you and your audience, by adding value, being useful, and starting conversations online. 
So there you have it, a crash course in the difference between two very powerful ways to communicate with your audience. 
Why not take the guess work out of your online marketing and let me write: 
Engaging and meaningful content that will grow your audience AND strategic sales copy designed to increase your sales? 
Get in touch to see how I can help. 
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