Every now and again, a product comes along that straight up changes the game. Builder in a Bottle or BIAB as it is also known is just that. Formulated by The Gel Bottle, it hasn’t changed the game so much as created its own damn game and is dominating the market. I am a die-hard convert, its BIAB or nothing for this self-confessed nail nerd. BIAB is loved by Nail Techs across the world because of its durability, perfect results, staying power and because it supports the health of their client’s nails. 
BIAB is much more than a regular gel, BIAB is a 2-in-1 solution for those of us who want a product that looks good and does good. BIAB is strengthening and nurturing while looking spectacular. It is incredibly versatile and can be seen all over Instagram in barely-there pink shades on short nails as well as on neon overlays, extensions and nail art. BIAB is so versatile, it can look as natural or as ‘look at me' as you like. 
BIAB cures under a UV or LED lamp and offers the tough, chip resistance of a gel while working to support the strength and health of your natural nails. It can last 4 weeks without chipping or lifting and can be infilled or soaked off. BIAB is self-levelling and my favourite nail tech Jasmine at Beautique in Loughborough recommends flipping your hand over to allow gravity to help the gel level perfectly. 
BIAB was originally a collection of 10 colours, all with empowering names, providing the wearer with a strong, beautiful base that can be worn as it is, or with colour over the top. Now, BIAB comes in over 24 different shades. All the colours are deeply pigmented and vibrant. There is a huge collection of colours – all the classics are in there and new colour collections are released all the time. 
The real showstopper, which gets overlooked a lot in my opinion – is the killer top coat, which is shiny AF. Top coat to me is so important because it keeps your nails looking fresh, even if they are three weeks old and the BIAB top coat stays glass-like glossy. It’s beautiful and the cherry on top of your ace new colour. 
I had BIAB on my nails for six months without a break until I decided to have a soak off and see what my nails looked like underneath. My nails looked healthy and felt a lot stronger. It also stopped two of my nails from peeling, something that countless other nail products hadn’t helped with at all. 
I love the strengthening effect that BIAB has and that I can now grow my own nails much longer, because of the extra strength that this super gel provides. I love that BIAB can look so natural, and also makes my nails look so perfect and stays perfect. 
Now that I have experienced BIAB, I wouldn’t entertain a run-of-the-mill gel again. I’m a BIAB girl for life now, BIAB till I die! 
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